Custom Inflatable Services + Trailer Service

                                40 years experience with inflatable boat repairs.

                                    Serviceing: Dinghy, Tenders, Sport boats, Outboards, + 

                                  All types of Trailer repair. from boat to horse trailers

Sales (New and Used)

Repair Estimate by email


Email Keith some pictures of your boat and the area that needs repair or service.

Please give Keith as much information as you can about the problem.

Please supply: The Model, Make, Manufacture, and HIN


It is only $20 for Keith's time with you and if you send your boat to us for repair the $20 dollars will be deducted from your invoice.


** This is easy and economical way to find out approximately what it will cost before taking it in for service.  


Please be sure to add your proof of purchase to the email for quick response!

Please add: Make, Model, and HIN (Hull Identification Number)

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