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  1. How do I remove barnacles from my inflatable boat?

    Barnacle removal solutions

    First a word of caution;

    • Both PVC and Hypolon fabric coatings are impervious to the acid based barnacle removal solutions, unfortunately the polyester or nylon substrate is not! If an acid base cleaner is used it will attack the substrate through any small chaffs in the outer coating.


    The safe removal is a little slower operation.


    • With the boat inflated to just below operating pressure (2 to 3 PSI), turn boat upside down. While barnacles are wet; knock off bulk of bodies with rounded plastic putty knife. Let dry.

    • Apply any quality calcium inhibitor (like CLR or Salt X) using large brush. The area will foam-up, this shows that it is working. Let subside and re-apply (repeat 3 – 4 times).

    • Knock-off the barnacle with the rounded putty knife.

    • Rinse with water and repeat this process until you have reached desired result.

    • Rinse boat with fresh water, let dry.


    • My recommendation; Clean area with Interlux 202 wash. On a fiberglass hull I recommend to use Interlux barrier coat (InterProtect 3000), then apply any good Ablative bottom paint to hull and pontoons.

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